Turning 30 a few years ago spun me into a bit of a third-life crisis with questions such as: what am I doing and why am I doing it.  Realizing the rat-race in a 9-5 office job in grumpy Washington, DC wasn’t for me afterall, I decided to take a look at my life’s to-do list.  One item that has been on this list for a while is to get a PhD (along with saving the world of course).  I decided to scratch this item off my list and applied- and promptly got accepted- to a PhD program…in Alaska!

The location was somewhat a coincidence based on a google search I did for “PhD programs in sustainability” and universities whose application deadline hadn’t passed yet.

Packing up my 3 cats, 1 boyfriend and 25 boxes of household items I am on my way to discover what crazy adventures Fairbanks, Alaska will hold for us..

Thanksgiving Alaska-style, standing in the middle of a frozen lake with icicles in my hair.


P.S.: I am also an avid amateur photographer, so expect lots of fun photos in the blog posts, like the one I took of Denali (also known as Mt. McKinley) in the banner of this blog site. My website is www.whatif-photography.com.


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  1. Hooray Alaska!

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