Oh the jobs in Alaska..

The sad news is that I haven’t been able to secure funding to continue my PhD next year (yet, there is still hope I suppose)..

After a short period of devastation I realized that this also means that the whole world is open to me again, and I have the freedom to do whatever I like and be whatever I want to be!  Now if only I knew what that was..that would make my life easier. But looking through the job classifieds for Alaska has given me some ideas. Here are some of my options (I did not make these up, I swear):

1. Ship Captain

2. Adult Film Star (18-55)

3. Paranormal Investigator – unfortunately the link expired

4. Wood Cutter

5. Assistant Chimney Sweep

6. Tree Climber

7. Gold Mining Partner

8. Driller

or I could be 9. Female Talent for a Local Video Producer…uh-huh

I’m tempted to be a gold mining partner for sure, but the ad says I must come with my own equipment. Let’s see..I have a Jeep, a rake and a shovel, and some unused flower pots (to put all the gold in of course), wonder if that’ll do?


~ by yhossain on July 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Oh the jobs in Alaska..”

  1. when we get bored sitting through lecture Sarah looks up alternate jobs for us on craiglist and our favs have been: sign hanger (but only if you have your own bucket truck), circus performer assistant, yard jockey (we’re not sure what this means yet), lots of adult film requests, and a surrogate (surprising paucity of requirements for that one).

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