Chicken Woes: Part 1 (there may be many parts to this series…)

I had started this blog post 7-8 months ago but never got around to publishing while a little outdated it is still a relevant and entertaining story from our life in the subarctic.

Chicken woes abound! Where to begin, before we even hit the 6 month mark of living with chickens we experienced almost every single chicken trauma there is to experience…here we were 3 chicken newbies thinking all we had to do was pick out 6 hens, build a coop, stick them inside and we all live happily ever after. Not so…

We lost one hen to a fox in our front yard while I was there watching over them! Alaskan foxes clearly have no respect, otherwise they would have at least waited until I wasn’t looking before snatching the hen.  Lost another one to a mysterious cause of death, thought the whole flock had mites at one point (which requires spraying down the entire coop with bleach), and two to the fact that they turned out to be the wrong gender.  You may recall that 2 of our hens morphed into roosters, which at first we did nothing about still living in the happily-ever-after bubble.  Once the roosters matured and attempted to share 4 hens between the two of them  it all went downhill.  Turns out rooster are horny little suckers mounting hens anywhere from 5-10 times a day (ours anyway, maybe there is something in the water up here…). Those poor 4 hens quickly got sick of all that commotion! With heavy heart we decided we’d need to part with our roosters as the hens became more and more unhappy. One of them even started showing signs of depression!

Never having been confronted with a depressed chicken before, we read all the chicken blogs and chicken advice columns we could find.  The websites recommended such a large variety of cures that it left us a little confused, completely baffled and with this hodge-podge of home remedies that will surely cure the chicken, if not of depression then of ever wanting to be taken care of by humans again. Here is the list:

1. Take chicken and stick its butt over a steaming pot of water for 30 minutes. Repeat as needed.

2. Take apple cider vinegar and lube it up (we didn’t catch what exactly needed the lubing).

3. Feed chicken cayenne pepper (this will definitely cure lethargy if nothing else).

4. Take chicken indoors and hold it as close to fire as possible (roast chicken?).

5. Make chicken a tuna salad sandwich, cut into triangles and feed it to chicken (no kidding, this was one remedy. Wonder if it works as well if we cut it into squares instead of triangles..).

6. Call vet and have X-rays taken and operations done (vets in Fairbanks probably would laugh at this option).

7. If nothing else works cull chicken because it stopped laying and is of no use to you anymore.

Taking some (NOT all) of this advice into consideration, we now have a little depressed chicken living with us inside a cat crate, drinking water laced with Dr. Bach homeopathic rescue remedy, eating oatmeal, rice and bananas and having 6 pairs of cat eyes watching its every move along with 4 human eyes that worriedly appear every 15 minutes and shove food under its nose. How could any chicken be depressed in this situation? Anxious, paranoid …maybe, but surely it’ll cure depression.

Betsy with Sophie watching over her (literally).


~ by yhossain on July 3, 2012.

One Response to “Chicken Woes: Part 1 (there may be many parts to this series…)”

  1. hahaha but do those remedies work on humans….

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