Back in Fairbanks after 6 weeks of traveling around the lower 48 and a fabulous family vacation in Tuscany. I was also honored to be in one of my best friends’ wedding in a redwood forest in California. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures at the wedding, but instead am posting pictures of Alaska in the summertime!  Though I missed the 23 hours of sunlight on solstice I’m excited to still have 1-1.5 months of summer left, this means; hiking, kayaking, berry picking, fishing (if we ever get our butts in gear), collecting wildflowers, chicken coop building, music festivals and state fairs. Hoorah! (Oh and of course focused work on my PhD research..)

Summit Lake with a view of a glacier (the white slide-type thing in the mountains)

Braided river along the Richardson Highway - supposedly there is a wild Bison herd that migrates along the river.

Wild Porcupine! These guys were all over our tent site. Needless to say, they are now my new favorite animal!

No caption needed. 😉

First round of wild Alaskan blueberries - about 45 min of picking got us this bounty. People collect 5 gallon buckets of berries during the summer here.

Beautiful clear mountain lake off the Denali Highway

Alaskan wildflowers - fireweed as tall as I am growing around our back steps.

The chickens have been growing over summer too - look at little Olive's fro!


~ by yhossain on July 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Summertime!”

  1. Love your photos. Please tell me what kind of chicken it is with the “fro.” He’s both hilariously funny and adorable and I am definitely not a chicken person.

    • Thank you for checking out my blog! I love taking photos and the gorgeous landscape in Alaska makes it easy to take good photos. The chicken is a polish hen, here is a link to the blog post with pictures of her as a baby. Isn’t she cute?

  2. That all looks sooooooooooo beautiful!! Of course I was there for most of the photos, although you wouldn’t know it from the captions!!

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