You know you live in Alaska when…

… it’s 35F outside and you feel it is so warm you don’t even need a jacket! (to my defense, compared to -40F, 35F IS warm)

…at 40F it is a normal sight to see people in shorts and tank tops.

…it’s light out until 11pm in APRIL! Hoorah for long daylight hours!

…your cats think it’s time for breakfast at 6am because the sun already rose at 5am in APRIL.

…something called “breakup” occurs, which means all the snow and ice that has accumulated over 9 months of winter starts to melt and creates giant puddles and mini-lakes everywhere. Every store sells rows of ‘breakup boots’ – that is their official name and a necessity.

…Alaskans far and wide get excited for the Nenana Ice Classic. This seems to be the Alaskan version of state lottery, the entire state bets on what month, day, hour and minute exactly the ice on the Nenana River breaks-up. They measure it by sticking a tripod into the middle of the river, attached with strings to the shore. The minute the ice breaks, the tripod will move and will trigger a timer. You may be smirking right now, but this event is actually taken quite seriously. The jackpot last year was $200,000!

…it is no problem at all to have a chicken coop in your backyard, even if you are just renting and don’t even own the property. Gotta love the absence of homeowner associations! Let the animal sanctuary/zoo accumulation begin!! I’m thinking chickens, ducks and geese to start with….let’s see what else Nathan will let me get away with, mwahahahah!

…it seems like your life revolves around weather. Ha! I feel like all my blogs are about weather and temperatures. A little personal update: the end of the semester and my first year as a PhD student nears.  This means two things, first I am completely overwhelmed and stressed out by everything that still needs to get done in the next 3 weeks (as you can tell I took a procrastination break by writing this blog) and I am one step closer to figuring out what exactly my thesis research should be about. My topic as it stands now is on community disaster resilience in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). I am hoping to do an internship in the Caribbean this summer (poor me – I know, but hey after surviving a winter in Fairbanks, I think I deserve 2 months in the Caribbean this summer).

Ok back to work..


~ by yhossain on April 17, 2011.

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