Thanksgiving Alaska-Style – after

We made it there – and back, hoorah!!

Fred Blixt Cabin

Despite my grinchiness it ended up being a really fun Thanksgiving, with a real feast, crazy ski adventure, and close run-ins with ice road truckers.

Cabin Thanksgiving Feast

The road out to the cabin (Elliot Highway) connects directly with the Dalton Highway which is the one that leads up to the Arctic ocean.  The road was built when the oil pipeline was constructed for the haul trucks and workers to be able to get around.  While the highway itself was only mildly iced-over (nothing my 4-wheel drive Jeep couldn’t handle) the scary part were the crazy truckers going 70mph around curves while passing! One skid by those guys and we would have been toast.  I supposed, since they are all pipeline workers they drive that highway a lot and feel comfortable to speed like crazy despite ice and snow. Shudder (by the way in case you are wondering there were rude hand gestures involved that didn’t come from us).

Once we got to the entryroad to the cabin we realized that about 2 feet of a layers of snow, ice, snow, ice and another layer of snow ontop had accumulated.  Not looking forward to the prospect of dragging all of our water and fire wood up the steep road sinking to our knees in snow, we decided to plow through with the cars.  When I moved to Alaska, I said I wanted to “practice” driving in ice and snow — this steep, unplowed, iced over slope sure provided me with the training of a lifetime. But once again, my trusty 4-wheel drive Jeep did not let us down.

Drive up to the cabin.

The cabin itself was tiny and 10 of us were nice and cozy crammed in there. It was ridiculously hard to regulate the temperature indoors with body heat and a blazing fire, so we ended up sweating more than we did freezing. One brave soul opted out of the tight squeeze of the cabin and slept in a tent outdoors. 

Winter camping.

The Thanksgiving meal was a real feast with some gourmet chefs along for the trip, all the food was precooked and merely warmed up on the wood stove.  In my efforts to preserve food I stuck all the leftovers outside overnight, which proved to not be a great idea because everything froze over and we had to eat frozen chicken and guacamole for lunch the next day. Hmm…didn’t quite taste the same as the night before. 

The next day we went for a crazy ski/hike up a steep hill through the woods that led us to the foothills of the White Mountains and an awesome view of the mountains themselves. I will say that “skiing” uphill through trees can not quite be classified as skiing, rather as crawl-on-knees-slip-n’-slide-on-skiis (ha, I just invented a new sport I think!).

Overall a great trip with one moose sighting! And the temperature stayed around 10F so no need for fires under cars, hoorah! We’ll save that for the next adventure..

View of the White Mountains..


~ by yhossain on November 28, 2010.

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