Puppies, Puppies Everywhere

School is in session! During the first two weeks I was stood up by 2 separate professors, admin hurdles had me running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, my brand new Macbook Pro didn’t function correctly and I found out that my exact thesis research idea has already been researched, written on, implemented, tested and retested.  Looking forward to what week 3 in the life of a PhD student has in store for me…

On a different note, fall is in full swing in Fairbanks; the colors range from vibrant red lowbrushes, bright yellow willows interspersed with green spruce, blue sky and white peaked mountains.  We discovered last weekend that on clear days we can see the peak of Denali (also known as Mt. McKinley, the tallest peak in North America) from our street! What more could we want? Oh right I know…puppies!!! Alaska is the land of puppies, they are everywhere, we are surrounded and of course that only fuels my desire to get one -or ten (if it weren’t for the veto vote from our 3 kitties). 

The rest of this blog is best told in photos…

Tundra in autumn

One of my fellow student's huskies. She is a musher so she has 10 mushing dogs and 3 puppies - my personal idol.

Baby bear footprint

Nathan playing with a puppy (clearly he'd be on board with adopting some doggies...)

Poor lost husky we found on a hike, I was so close to just taking him home with me but he didn't like the idea of getting in my car.

Cutest puppy ever, another fellow student just got hers this week. She is taking a nap on our hike.


Hiking in the tundra...


~ by yhossain on September 12, 2010.

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