6,000 Rubber Duckies

“Holy cow that’s a lot of ducks,” is what I heard being murmered in the crowd as we saw the first signs of a yellow flood of 6,000 rubber duckies coming around the bend on the Chena River. And it sure was a lot of ducks, 6.000 to be exact.

The duckies are coming!

The annual rubber duckie race in Fairbanks is part of the Golden Days festival, which celebrates the gold rush history of this town and hence it’s inception really, since Fairbanks wouldn’t have existed if gold hadn’t been found. I may have gotten some facts confused but as far as I can tell, the story goes that one Felix Pedro found gold on July 22, 1902 while simultaneously a captain got his boat stuck in the shallow Chena River, which led to a fortuitous meeting of the two.  Due to the gold find the captain got persuaded to start a trading post right then and there on the very spot, which …..drumroll please, led to the founding of Fairbanks!  Ta-da!

To commemorate these events the town gets together, has a parade, elects the “King & Queen” of the Golden Days (who are always seniors and I don’t mean high school seniors), a street fair, live music and they dump a bunch of ducks in the river.  I must say, I don’t quite get the connection between gold and ducks, maybe in addition to gold people used to find a lot of plastic ducks in this city…back in the day…

Some of them lost sight of the finish line and started turning left and right and even backwards! (our ducks were probably among these guys)

Though we were pretty convinced that one of us at least would win the first price which was $10,000 – we had to admit to our duckie’s defeat in the race against it’s cohorts. Oh well, there is always next year’s rubber duckie race. When the race is over a bunch of boats pull out with giant fishing nets to collect all the 6,000 ducks again.

The Deadliest (rubber duckie) Catch


~ by yhossain on August 11, 2010.

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  1. so many ducks…

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