Our very own Gingerbread House..

When in Rome..or in this case, when living in Alaska you might as well live in a house that resembles the one where Hansel & Gretel met their demise in, in the middle of the woods with moose in your yard, a personal water tank in your pantry and no mailbox.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Well Nathan and I certainly thought this is the way to do it and signed a lease on our very own Gingerbread house last night!

Fairbanks is a city that is sort of surrounded by endless Alaskan forest to the east, west, north and south. Our little house is in said forest north of the main city area. While it seems pretty rural it is actually only 8 minutes from the University and maybe 15 to the nearest grocery store (i.e. civilization). This seems to be the perfect Alaskan starter home, because it has a lot of the quirks (listed below) but also has neighbors in walking distance, so if things go horribly wrong we can always walk to our neighbors’ house and ask for refuge.

Our Gingerbread House

Quirky quirks:

  • The house is not in the city water service area, so instead of water delivery through pipes we have a giant 1,000 gallon water tank sitting in our pantry that we need to fill up when it runs out.
  • Instead of a backyard, we have more of a back-forest, literally you open the door and there is the forest on our doorstep. This of course has added perks like a wild blue berry patch, rabbits, moose and all the other forest critters right in our very own backforest. Not to worry, our landlord said he only saw a bear up there once.
  • Trash removal companies don’t service that area, so we have to take our trash to the landfill ourselves (good thing Nathan has a truck..)
  • We have to plug in a warmer-thingy for our sewer line that runs above ground to a septic tank  to avoid having the line freeze.
  • Speaking of warmth, the entire 2-story house is heated by a small Toyo heater that runs off oil. It sits in the living room. I am very curious as to how one small heater will heat the entire house..guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  • Our mailbox isn’t even near our house or on our street, it’s across the main street with about 50 other mailboxes all lined up. Getting the mail when it’s forty below outside will be fun..

The heater that's supposed to heat the whole house

Now I just have to figure out what moose eat and hang up moose bait all over so I can fullfil my wish of having a moose-filled backyard!


~ by yhossain on July 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Our very own Gingerbread House..”

  1. OOOOOH Moose Feeders! Wonderful idea.
    It looks so charming!! You guys will have so much fun cozying it up!

  2. And it’s a 3 bedroom – so plenty of room for when you guys come visit us!!! 😉

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