Moose Mobile!

I bought myself a moose mobile! What is a moose mobile you may ask? It is also known as a Jeep Liberty Sport 4×4.

I have always wanted to own a Jeep, there’s something about them that makes you feel like you might be going on a Safari when you drive one.  Owning a Jeep never really made sense before, in urban city living, but now it finally makes sense for me to drive a Jeep!

What makes my Jeep a moose mobile? Well 2 owners ago, a moose hit the Jeep (I like to think of it as a moose hitting the Jeep and not the Jeep hitting the moose) and low and behold other than external damage the Jeep was unharmed, which speaks for itself for the car’s sturdiness, since these animals are around 1,200 pounds. At first I was concerned about the karma the car might hold, but then a wise person pointed out that in Alaksa, especially during the dark winter months, hitting a moose sooner or later is inevitable. This car already hit one and got that out of the way with – so it’s smooth sailing from here on.

My new Moose Mobile (with only one antler)!

Nathan bought a car too – a Grease Lightning Truck (at least that’s how I refer to it).

Grease Lightnin'

Interesting things we discovered in the wheelin’ and dealin’ of buying cars and getting them registered at the DMV:

  • buying old, used, dirty cars, washing them, and reselling them for a profit may very well be considered a legitimate job in Fairbanks
  • Used cars that have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer are extremely rare and extremely expensive
  • Chipped windshields (along with moose run-ins) are inescapable here, you only replace your windshield when the chips and crack run so ragged that you can’t see the road anymore.
  • Cars need to be plugged in during the winter months to avoid various engine parts freezing and bursting. I am picturing all these crazy long extension cords running from people’s houses to their cars parked on the street. Remote start is also a big feature; to be able to start your car while you are still in your house to let it warm up before venturing outside.
  • The one difference I noticed between the Alaska DMV booklet and the Virginia DMV booklet is a section that states that big game roadkill is the property of the state and is not allowed to be carted off for personal use.

    Scary bear carcass hanging in our subletted house - guess someone didn't read the DMV manual..


~ by yhossain on June 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “Moose Mobile!”

  1. congrats on the new (used) cars!

  2. if a bear hits your car will it become the bear mobile?

  3. If a bear hits my car it will be a bear/moose mobile also known as the “boose” mobile! hehehe
    But that won’t happen…

  4. Going from a Yaris to a Jeep is a big jump, Little Lady 🙂 I can’t believe all the car buying differences… but it looks like you guys got a great deal!! And best of all, your cars’ got character!

  5. Well, I’ve read my first blog. Jumping right in to the 20th century… You two sound great, thanks for sharing. Bears are smarter than moose, and incredibly fast, probably bear-car collisions are rare. I nicked one once, on rt 220 in Montville, years ago… got out to see if I’d hurt him… didn’t get too far away from the truck incase I made him mad. Didn’t hurt him and apparently didn’t get him too mad…

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