Fairbanks Impressions

Running errands in town and while doing some minor sightseeing I came to notice that the vast majority of locals wear work-out clothes – all the time. Either this is the fittest city in the world, or no one can really be bothered to wear regular clothes when leaving the house. Suits me perfectly, I don’t mind running around in sweats all day long!

Our summer sublet - the firefighters house

Below some impressions of my new neighborhood.

This is the house we are subletting from a firefighter (to be more precise he is a smoke jumper), who-due to the numerous wildfires in Alaska- is barely ever home in the summer, and is letting us sublet his house in exchange for Nathan putting on a new roof for him and building an arctic entrance. I have yet to find out what exactly an artic entrance is, I’m picturing some sort of Igloo contraption…

On a side note related to wildfires; the weather forecast I heard yesterday went like this: Highs expected in the mid 70s, scattered showers, areas of smoke. Huh? Areas of smoke? Like a smoking convention or something? Nope, I believe the weather forecaster was referring to the numerous wildfires going on that produce areas of smoke in and around Fairbanks.

Other Alaskan houses that stand out in our neighborhood… 

Funky log-home type house

Gun shop in downtown Fairbanks

Uhmm...Excuse me, I think there's a moose on your roof..

 Speaking of moose…I bought a moose mobile!! More on that in the next post.


~ by yhossain on June 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fairbanks Impressions”

  1. What a great way to keep us all up to date with your Alaskan adventures. I loved the pictures. As I have said before, you are a very most excellent writer. I feel like I am there with the two of you. Thank you so much!


  2. Looks like an interesting area. Send pics of Fairbanks downtown sometime. Do they do any fishing around you in the Summer time?

  3. An arctic entryway is an entrance with 2 doors like an airlock…. Alternatively you could have a door on your roof if you cannot be bothered with digging yourself out 🙂

    Take care up there and watch out for the rampant alcoholism

    If you meet a woman called Laurie from San Diego give her my love…

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