Arriving to the Midnight Sun

The plane’s wheels touched ground and immediately some passengers started applauding, no doubt happy the 5 hour flight was coming to a close but also excited to have reached the “last frontier” also known as Alaska.

We left the airport in our rental car and drove to what would be our new house under blue sky and bright sunshine at nine at night. Alaska is the land of the midnight sun (well one of a couple of lands in the world that have this phenomenon).

On June 21st, Summer Solstice, the sun didn’t set until 12:48am and rose again at 2:57am! At midnight I went outside and took a photo of the midnight sky (below).

Photo taken in Fairbanks at 12:04am on Summer Solstice

Of course what this also means is that from now on the amount of daylight will diminish until it will be only about 3 hours in the winter time. Yikes! But the way I see it, it will be an adventure -discovering how it feels to live with little sunlight and in -40 degree temperatures (don’t you like my positive attitude?).

Fairbanks celebrated the midnight sun with a Midnight Sun festival (what an appropriate name), lasting 12 hours from noon to midnight, with booths, bands and raffle tickets to the rubber duckie race. Yes, you read right, we found out that another Fairbanksian event is a rubber duckie race, where they dump 6,000 rubber duckies in the Chena River that runs through town and place bets on which duckie will cross the finish line first.

I can’t wait to see 6,000 rubber duckies swimming in the river! I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and post them to the blog to share with you..

..and I also can’t wait to find out all the other crazy/fun things these Alaskans come up with to while away time like the Eskimo Olympics, Ice Sculpture competition, Santa Claus look-a-like contest, Moose poop festival, etc… (btw I didn’t make any of these up, I promise!)


~ by yhossain on June 25, 2010.

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